Saturday, February 16, 2013

Idol Hands Review

I had the privilege of reading this book to review it for the author. I say privilege because I really enjoyed this read. I had a few issues with it, which is why I have rated it four stars out of five.

It is written in diary form, which at first I found annoying but it didn't take long for it to grow on me. I honestly think that the story would not have been as good if it wasn't in diary format, a lot would have been missed, or too much description would have been added that really was not needed. So the diary format really worked for this story.

Tara, a woman in her thirties, goes on quite the adventure. Some thoughts in the diary were repeated a little too often, which annoyed me. I started to get annoyed every time she would talk about the lesser known guards and how they would take advantage of their job. I found that the back story, her relationship with Aiden, was often lacking the answers I wanted to hear. I wrote that up to the fact that because it was in diary format we were only getting one side of the story. I got most of the answers I wanted in the end though, I just had to be patient.

I honestly felt bad for Tara. I found myself rooting for her through all of her trials and just hoping that she would succeed. When her travels were good, I wanted her to stick it out there for a bit. Just live in the moments, but like her, I became restless and wanted her to continue. I did feel bad for Gil, I thought that he at least deserved a letter explaining the situation or some form of contact information to be exchanged so that she could find him again in the future, even if to just continue their friendship.

Here's where I spoil things so be warned. The ending is shocking, however, it wasn't something that I didn't see coming.  During her time in Philadelphia when she first started to get the massive migraines that would set her back sometimes days at a time from her quest I began to think that maybe this whole thing was in her head. I began to think that she could have some form of a brain tumour or something along those lines that would potentially cause her to lose touch with reality. I did not predict the murder of her husband, Steve, before her journey began. That was a shock. And I didn't predict the attack on Aiden. However, after seeing the 'love of her life' with another woman, in her head, the anger was justified.

I would have liked more answers in the end, through the blog entries and news clips. However, I choose to believe that she was not as crazy as they made her out to be. I believe she was honest throughout her journey and that her switch flipped only with what she saw when she finally reached her beloved Aiden.

Some technical errors throughout the read, some spelling errors and typos. However, with all the text, they were very few and far between. Desperate times cause for desperate measures, some measures that were difficult to read, but somehow even harder to put down. All in all, it was a great story, an amazing read, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for some sort of mystery, self exploration journey read. Great job Hill!

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