Thursday, February 28, 2013

Justice (Deck of Lies #1)

I was contacted by Varden through my blog for a review request. After reading the synopsis I happily accepted the request. I didn't know then that it would make me fail my philosophy test coming up due to the fact that it was not a book that was easily put down once started (I haven't failed the philosophy test...yet ;).  I was definitely not disappointed. This book quickly grabbed my attention and became impossible to put down. For those reasons, it was a FOUR STAR read.

"Only one thing was clear that night: this was Carsyn von Shelton's fault. She was the one who had just destroyed my entire life with her stupid, mean-spirited prank. And I hated her."

The book is told in Rain's perspective. It is generally in present tense with a few future tense comments from Rain. The future bits were more like a 'wish I'd known then what I know now' type of feel and they always kept the reader hooked and waiting to find out what she knows in the future that she doesn't know during the story. I was rapidly hooked and found it incredibly hard to put the book down finishing the read in less than a day. It starts with Rain attending a new school full of prissy little rich kids. It tells the tale of her struggles to fit in through all the chaos that becomes her life. Without giving too much away, it really is hard to say more about the plot. Just know that it was a fast paced novel that will not disappoint.

The only suggestion I would have for improvement would be to edit more carefully, there were a few spelling errors that were missed. At one point the wrong name was used. The future bits were great but slightly overused. When the reader is already hooked, they were not needed to hook the reader. The errors in the book were not numerous and did not detract from the story greatly. The ending was short, and without reading the prologue provided at the end of the book, I would not be hooked enough to pick up the second book in the series. However, because I did enjoy the book as greatly as I did, personally, I would be picking up the next book regardless.

Overall, it was a great read. As I have stated several times over now, I could not put the book down. It took up a lot of hours that I should have been studying for a philosophy test that I'm not looking forward to. But it was a great escape and tool for procrastination. However, now that it is finished, and the reviews are posted, I guess I really should start reading my philosophy books. Great work Varden. I really enjoyed the read and look forward to future works.

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