Tuesday, March 26, 2013

General Update

Within the next week or so there will be some new faces helping out with the reviews. Which is amazing considering how backed up we are. I will be doing some random updates to the blog over the next little bit, such as adding the new reviewers to the "About Schwartz" page, which by the way will be changed to "About Us". I have some more books to add to the TBR list, I will also be showing which books are currently being read and reviewed. Making it easier for everyone to know what to expect.

With the new reviewers joining the site, I will be making some signatures for the reviewers to add to every post. That way you know who wrote what. We can continue to accept review requests so keep spreading our site around. We wouldn't be able to help as many authors as we are without the amazing readers spreading our link around. So thank you! Thank you for following the blog, and thank you for helping us get our name out there. It means a lot to me to be able to keep helping everyone that I can with reviews.

Keep your eyes open for the appearance of our new reviewers and be sure to give them all your love in the comments of their reviews.

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