Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Remember When

Be warned: This book will steal away your productivity for the duration of the read. You will not get anything done, you will not pass go, and you had better be careful or you may not get your pay the week you decide to jump into Layla's world. This FIVE star read will not be easily put down.

This is the story of Layla's infatuation with Trip, the drop dead gorgeous (in my mind and Layla's) new boy in town. You follow Layla through her initial meeting, right through to her obsessive crush on Trip. As the reader, you are entirely at Layla's mercy, reading her every guilty thought. The story will put the reader in a little bit of an awkward position as you fall for Trip right along with Layla and find yourself rooting for the two of them to just connect and find the intimacy that you swear the both of them want. Why is that awkward? Oh I don't know, probably because they are teenagers! Ah well, they are fictional characters and I am not going to lie to you, I was cheering their sex life on. Praying that the two of them would just SAY SOMETHING to one another. It was this giant elephant on the corner of each page as I raced to the finish to find out whether or not they finally...well...you know...did it. :)

Now because I write a negative about each book I read (my reviews touch the good and the bad on each novel I review) I will point out a couple of typos and grammatical errors. However, within the entire novel I believe there were less than five mistakes. Therefore, the book did not lose a star over the tiny overlooked mistakes as they did not detract from the story whatsoever.

This book ate up the vast majority of my time, two evenings in a row. It made me laugh out loud (my children now think I'm nuts I'm sure as I read e-books on my iPhone) and I will admit that I almost shed a tear...almost. Ok, my eyes watered but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. This book had me cheering Layla on, I was upset with Lisa (Layla's best friend) when she didn't agree with me...I mean Layla. I was amazingly over joyed when Trip finally spoke up about what he had been feeling throughout the entire relationship. It played with my emotions, and let's face it...a book that can take you on an emotional roller coaster of a ride is a book worth reading.

This book comes highly recommended to any romance reader out there looking for a young adult novel.


  1. This book caught my attention when I saw it on 'your currently reading' shelf, I thought it looked cute. And now your review has made me eager to read it too, sounds exactly like the kind of book I enjoy.

  2. It is a great book. I am currently working on an interview with T. Torrest herself. I have also been incredibly lucky to be able to work with her and bring updates on the second book in this series so this blog will have all of the future information regarding T. Torrest's writing career. :) Stay tuned.


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