Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Seduced by Innocence by Kimberly Kinrade

I was offered this novel quite awhile ago to be honest. The eager reader in me just has a difficult time limiting my approvals for requests. When I did finally read this novel I was slightly annoyed at myself for letting this one collect dust (haha on my e-reader) for so long. This book truly was a 5 STAR read!

This novel tells the story of Rose. However, the really great part about this book is that the story switches points of view. I know, generally I hate that, but in this book it really works! So you read the novel in Rose's point of view. A 19 year old girl who lives in a coven of witches. This coven of witches turns out to be more cult like than anything else though. Rose begins to notice that herself as she falls for Derek O'Connor (My husbands last name by the way ;) There also is another man, Blake, who is desperately in love with Rose. Nice little triangle going on for awhile and the novel tells the story through each of their points of view.

The conflicts in this story were amazing, and for a supernatural read, they didn't cross the line into 'ya right' territory. Rose only has eyes for Derek, and wants to give him her all but she has a dark secret that holds her back and a past that threatens to tear them apart for good.

There was one slight issue that I had with this novel. As I started reading it, it seemed very young adult like. Which is fine, I happen to love young adult extremely well. However, the first sex scenes were very much adult and not so much young at all. I loved these scenes which is why it is still rated five stars, but at first it just seemed out of place.

All in all though, this was an amazing read of witches and shapeshifters and an amazing love story. It was so good, and so captivating that as soon as I was finished with book one I instantly began book two. Amazing work Kinrade! Can't wait to read the rest of the series!

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  1. Sounds more NA paranormal than YA. But most of all, it since fun :-)


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