Wednesday, October 30, 2013



       Before you sit down and start scribbling, it is of crucial importance to have at least an inkling of what you’re going to write about. Better yet, come up with a detailed a plot, if you can. In my experience, it is best to tackle a genre that interests you most, or one that you at the very least can relate to.

Once you’ve accomplished that, move on to writing. Now, here’s where we run into a problem that’s known worldwide. How do you write well and without encountering writer’s block? This is how I do it: Before anything else, make sure you get in as much sleep in your day as possible, in order to keep your head fresh and vented. Drink coffee, if you need that extra edge – I personally prefer Red Bull – and get both your thesaurus and dictionary ready. That said, don’t abused either of them and try to add as much of your own vocabulary and thoughts as possible. After all, that’s one of the things that make a title unique – its prose. Write as much as you can, and try to produce as many pages as your fingers will allow. Keep in mind that you can always edit and rephrase something if you’ve made a slip.

Now, if you do happen to run into the ugly face of writer’s block, simply take a day off. Watch movies, cartoons, take walks, listen to music and then sit down to write. If needed, force yourself to do it. You might end up trashing the whole thing, but the process might also give you that one sentence you’ve been looking for: The sentence that’ll have you pen down more quality work, because it sets the mood of the story exceptionally well.

That’s pretty much how I go about my doodling.

~Written by Ramz Artso

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