Monday, November 4, 2013

Adrian Howell's Psionic: The Tower

I had previously read book one, so I knew what to expect. Despite having read the first book (I read a few books between the first and second) my memory was foggy of the first one. After reading the first few pages, Adrian explains that he won’t recap. But he does recap just enough for you to remember where you left off. This amazing book is rated as FIVE stars and it earned every one of them.

It starts off with the narrator, which this being a first person is none other than Adrian Howell. They have escaped the research center and are headed to their new home… With the Guardians! Yes, that is right, Adrian’s new family chose a psionic faction to side with and things are going to change for Adrian. They arrive quickly at NH-1, or New Haven One, their new home. And while there are quite a bit of luxury here, there is also a lot of work to be done...For Adrian.
Adrian Howell is a destroyer, his psionics make him the perfect soldier. But Adrian doesn’t want that, he wants to live in peace. Nevertheless, he is trained by Terry who “was raised by wolves”.  He is also taxed with homeschooling, and teaching Alia (his younger ‘sister’) to mouth speak. I was slightly saddened at the burdens placed on Adrian. He seems to be, at 13 years of age, more a father to Alia than a brother. Teaching her to swim, ride a bike, talk, and basically tied to her side 99% of the time. It is the only downside, or problem, that I had with this novel.

“Then perhaps it would surprise you to know that we got an anonymous call that gave us not only your exact location, but also informed us that a team of Seraphim were hunting ou, and would probably have arrived before sunrise.”

As alsways, there was enough conflict and excitement to keep the pages turning. I, for one, read the book within a week. Picking it up every chance I could find to read and devouring it quickly. I found that the ending tied in to the book so well with all of the smaller details within the novel and it left me wondering what book three will have in store for me.

“Luck will only get you so far before it gets you killed.”

Adrian is one lucky boy, barely getting out of book two alive, leaping for book three we shall see what is in store for us but I bet that it will be another amazing story with awesome conflicts and page turning excitement.

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