Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dark Flame Rising

Dark Flame Rising follows 14 year old Keegan in the hunt for a powerful elemental object required to reset the balance of the four elements. It is a young adult novel rated with THREE STARS.

Keegan begins the novel telling her tale of her life that has been spent jumping locations, a history later explained as required to keep her safe. From what, you find out later within the novel. These moves eventually take her to Turtle Springs, a small town that holds many secrets and a rich history. Keegan is a very curious girl, which brings her head first into a search for an object that she doesn't even fully understand.

"Keegan almost fell off the couch when she heard the words fall from Lavinia's lips. Her grandmother had always refused to speak of the place. Its very mention would dampen the brightest spirits and awaken a brooding beast in the old woman that was rarely seen otherwise - one that unleashed fierce reprimands or caused Lavinia to disappear for hours without explanation."

The pages of this novel hold many secrets, secrets that Keegan's curious mind refuses to keep hidden in her search for a truth that has been hidden from her for much of her life. She's on a powerful hunt for answers and comes across these answers in many dangerous adventures. Will Keegan be able to unearth the mystical object that is so very important to the Guardians restoring the elemental balance?

I have chosen to rate this novel with three stars because of a few reasons. One, when the story picks up pace there are several grammatical errors. I found that often times the descriptions were too thorough, wasting time describing scenes that didn't require much description. It made the novel quite wordy. I did enjoy the story, I found  that the author did an awful lot of research prior to publishing, the story is heavy with footnotes for further explanations of past events. Some of these were interesting to read, including the explanation of which element each zodiac sign covers. For instance, my element would be water due to the fact that I am a Pisces.

I would recommend this novel to younger readers who enjoy supernatural stories.

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