Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fifth of Blood by Kris Austen Radcliffe

                              “And she’d been right about everyone wanting a piece of her.”

               Kris Austen Radcliffe has done it again, another FIVE STAR review for her third novel in a trilogy that I am now such a huge fan of. These books are worth a read. The world she paints is incredibly detailed, easily imagined, and simple to follow. The characters are extremely well built, I swear she must have charts or something because her characters, all of them, grabbed my every attention and I fell in love with them all the moment the series began. Fifth of Blood is no different.

                The friction in the beginning of this novel pulls at the reader. Pulls the reader deep into the world that Radcliffe has painted. Rysa and Ladon, the perfect romance between the two begin the novel apart. Your heart aches for them. You keep reading quickly, unable to put the book down, to get to the part where the two lovers get back into each other’s arms again. It captures your attention fully and completely, as you turn through the pages holding on to Radcliffe’s every word in hopes that the next chapter brings the two lovers closer.

                Rysa has lost her talisman. Without it, she has lost control of all of her abilities and while apologies for mistakes made in the previous novels are made, Rysa is rightfully angry at the whole situation. She needs her talisman, her man, and her dragon. Just as they start to get close chaos rises and makes everything for them so much more difficult. Truly, nothing is ever that easy, everything has its own problems and the question is, can they rise above? Can they find her talisman before it’s too late? Will Ladon watch another lover perish?
“’Rysa!’ Ladon roared Everything remaining, ever single pin and staple of humanity that held together his mind, snapped.”
                It took me a quick three, okay maybe four, days to read this novel. However, the closer I got to the end, the faster I read and the later I would stay up reading. I mean, I finished this novel last night after drinking TWO coffees just to stay awake long enough to finish the novel. Oh boy, was it worth it.

                Let me say this too: The first book in the series “Games of Fate” is free on all ereader platforms. You can download an ereader from any smart phone (I have ibooks, kindle, and kobo all on my phone).

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful review! <3

    1. Anytime :) I can't wait for the second trilogy :P


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