Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Walker on the Cape

A whodunit novel that grabs your attention quickly, and holds onto your attention throughout the pages. This is a THREE STAR read from the Schwartz Reviews.

“The only one who knew for sure was Elias Martin and he sure wasn’t talking. Who would finally unravel the mystery of the Walker on the Cape?”

                This novel begins like every other mystery novel, with a dead body. The late Elias Martin is found dead and originally, the death looks like a death of natural causes. There would, however, be no mystery if that were the case. Soon within the pages it becomes a mystery that only Sergeant Winston Windflower and Eddie Tizzard, his side kick of the RCMP can solve.

                This story surprised me in several ways; I was not expecting all of the twists and turns that the mystery took. It was definitely a real page turner that I found hard to put down. Reading it in a short three days (hey that’s good for me considering my distractions ;). I enjoyed the characters; I felt as though they were well developed, however, a little more work could have been done on the main characters.

                It was REALLY interesting as a Canadian to read a Canadian book! I loved the mention of my beloved Tim Hortens. I loved the Canadian terms. While I’m not a Newfoundlander, it was quite interesting to see some of their lingo as well.

                Unfortunately, there were some spelling errors, grammatical errors, and inconsistencies within these pages. I found that the chapters were too short, though that is not a major issue.

                The romance in the novel is one you may find in a young adult novel. It was definitely cute. It was a bit obvious in the beginning of the novel who was going to be Windflower’s love interest.

                All in all, the main issue with this novel is the errors within its pages. However, if you can get past that, the novel is a great quick read that will hold your attention as you quickly make it through the chapters to the end. It is a great short whodunit that I would recommend to YA and Mystery readers alike.

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