Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fatal Destiny

This fast paced action packed thriller novel is rated a FIVE STAR read! It will suck you in and it will hold onto you until the very last pages.

                Like all good thriller novels this one begins with an action packed punch, right into DeHaviland’s face. Grace is a bounty hunter, and a damn good one at that. She has a reputation for bringing in the tough cases. However, like all officers, she has a past that haunts her, that drives her to be the best. She picks up the Keegan case after an all-nighter and she has two days to get the job done. With everything on the line, she remembers the one that got away and vows that it will never happen again.

                “A part of me had hoped I’d find something new, something that would demand my attention, give me an excuse to drop the Keegan case. Yeah, something out there I was working on was more important than putting a hundred-and-eighty grand into my pocket. Yeah, right.”

                This novel grabbed my attention within the first few chapters. At some point I realized that I had been reading for hours, chapters in. It holds onto the reader as you experience DeHaviland’s trials to get the job done. Not only that, but you also get to climb into other character perspectives. Something that I thoroughly enjoyed as it allows the reader to get every bit of detail out of the pages.  I fell completely in love with Grace. Her character is built well and brought quite a few smiles to my face with her wittiness.

                You know how most novels will shove romance down your throats? I mean, I enjoy romantic novels as well, but sometimes it is just refreshing to read a good book that isn’t all hot and heavy every chapter. This book has a sprinkle of romance tied into it and that’s it. Which I found quite enjoyable.

                The book was great! It was fast paced, and I could have read it in a single sitting if I didn’t have other distractions(work, kids, etc). I loved the entire story. I was sad to see it end but excited that there is another novel that follows it. I found a few errors in the beginning and as the novel progressed the errors came more frequently. If you can get past the errors within the book, I would highly recommend this novel to any Thriller, Action, or even Mystery readers.

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