Monday, June 30, 2014

Going Down in Flames

Going Down In Flames is a FOUR STAR read. I was overwhelmed with the rules of becoming a dragon, however, I completely understand the need to know it. Love the main character Bryn McKenna, an out spoken, naive sixteen year old new dragon.

It takes a few chapters to learn about Bryn and her new Dragon life. It takes a few more chapters to learn about becoming a dragon and the rules that apply to life as a Dragon. Bryn stumbles through first finding out she and her parents are dragons, and that she is being shipped off to a new private, secluded school. With her parents being out cast, and the facts that they are left out, Bryn feels out of the loop left right and center.

Bryn has a red hot temper like her dad and fast, cool instincts like her mom, which helps and hurts her when making new friends. Oh and I can't leave out the Hot Knight and a particular black dragon whom are interested in Bryn's naive charm! Really this was a great story and an even better lead into a possible series.

Chris Cannon writes an awesome story and I absolutely loved this movie reference:
"Good. Because it was shiny and pretty and sparkly and good God, she needed to get this under control before she started muttering, My precioussssss."

Chris Cannon caught my attention and had me laughing and learning right along with Bryn. I recommend this book to young adult and supernatural readers.

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