Friday, June 27, 2014

The Body on the T

This THREE STAR mystery read begins right away with an unknown body discovered in the water. It ends up being a special case that ties this book to the first book within this series. It is a good quick mystery read.

"'You are correct as usual, Sergeant, I think you patient is dead,' said the doctor."
I found that the recap of the first book was short and right to the point. I find lengthy recaps annoying and this one recapped perfectly. The novel begins quick, however, it does seem to lull at some points and then once again, picks up speed and momentum as it goes.

I found that the romance within these pages was much better than the first book. However, it still seems a little too perfect and a little too written at times.

"The other thing his grandfather had told him was to enjoy the moment, because that was all we had. The past was just memories and the future was not here yet. Enjoy the moment and leave the worrying to other people."
-I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote as it is a quote
 that has helped me through my rough times and it
was interesting seeing it within these pages.
Wonderful words of wisdom. 

The book was sometimes predictable, however, there were several 'I didn't see that coming' moments as well. I found that the mystery part of this book was extremely slow to develop. Also, I think the author may have a food fetish as food is mentioned WAY to often.

I found some errors within the pages, however, if you can look past those, I would recommend this novel to any readers looking for a short mystery read.

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