Friday, July 4, 2014


A fast paced, thrilling novel, which is rated at FOUR STARS! This novel will suck you in, creep you out, play on your emotions, and spit you out at the end feeling a little bit confused. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

The main character in this amazing book is Patricia Fowler. An extremely hard working, very thoughtful, pleasant woman who just happens to fall for a married man, Paul Blast. While normally I would not be rooting for the other woman, this novel left me feeling a little conflicted as I raced to the finish hoping for Patricia’s happiness.

This novel was slightly difficult for me to rate. It does have its downfalls but as I weighed the negatives and the positives, well the positives outshone the negatives quite brightly. I found it a little confusing to follow in the beginning as you have several stories to follow. There was a flaw with character development, a single word that stands out that all the characters possessed in their vocabularies. I did find several errors within the novel.

However, it was a fast paced novel that had me hooked within the first few chapters. It creeped me out, a lot. It had me laughing, it had me close to tears, and it had me cringing. Several ‘uh oh’ moments as I raced to see what would happen.

Do Paul and Patricia get their happily ever after? Will Patricia lose her mind in the process? How will this couple rise above all of the eerie challenges that face them?

I would recommend this novel to thriller readers, paranormal readers, and anyone who enjoys fast paced stories.

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