Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bonds - Kris Radcliffe

A fast paced FIVE STAR read that will keep you turning the pages rapidly to find out what happens next!

The Schwartz Synopsis:

This short read introduces us to Daisy, a young shifter. The book starts off with her talking to Rysa’s best friend, Gavin. Their chat quickly turns into a story of Daisy’s past connections to the Doctor, who just so happens to be Rysa’s runaway father. The Doctor and Daisy have a run in with some burners, fates, and fight their way to safety, all at the instruction of a different fate. But fates can’t be trusted, can they?

“Daisy couldn’t name the man’s stench. Couldn’t say, “Oh, yeah, that’s burning rotten eggs,” or “A firecracker dipped in gasoline,” because she didn’t know for sure what those smells were. Her imagination said Oh, you know and It doesn’t matter. It gets the point across. But she was seventeen and she’d never actually smelled a gas-dipped firecracker. She did, though, smell this man. And she smelled danger.”

The Schwartz Thoughts:

As always, Kris Radcliffe is so very talented with her pen (or more likely, her keyboard). From the moment that I picked this novel up to read I was unable to put it back down again until it was finished and I finally knew how it all ended, or rather, began. I absolutely loved how well developed Daisy’s character was, she was the perfect teenager all full of know-it-all and defiance. Which happened to serve her well in this adventure or run-for-your-life situation that was so beautifully written. The story takes place before Rysa’s story. You know, about the time that her father disappeared. This book is part of the why, not the whole why, oh no no no. Just a part of the why. There is enough of a cliff hanger to keep you reading through this mini-series. And believe me, I will be reading on.

“Now Daisy threw him a disarming smile. “I told you, Fates know everything…”

I would recommend this short read to anyone who enjoys paranormal, action packed, edge of your seat reading. It won’t take long to read, because the book will be glued to your hands until you flip that last page. Read on!

(Review Written by Kristine Schwartz)

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