Wednesday, April 22, 2015

All the Lonely People - Patrick Roesle

A slower paced TWO STAR read from the Schwartz Reviews.

Schwartz Synopsis

All the Lonely People is about the internet, and the people that may be using it. Mary is in her late twenties and begins hanging out in AOL chat rooms. She is bored with her life, or lack thereof, after a recent break-up. After beginning her chat sessions on AOL, she meets Una1133 online and begins to enjoy the budding relationship and cannot get enough of Una. Mary wishes to take their relationship to the next level but does Una understand what Mary is looking for? 

Benjamin never could figure out the social aspects of life. He stuck with industrial, mechanical, and civil engineering, or advanced mathematics. Those are the topics that he understands and can relate to. After taking his retirement leave, Benjamin finds himself perplexed about social and verbal communication and his desire to understand.

She felt like she was in some Disney World attraction stacked with animatronic pseudo-people with jerky limbs and clacking mechanical jaws, all spouting grainy recorded claptrap about buying shoes.

Schwartz Thoughts

I really struggled with not putting this book down. Although the story was somewhat intriguing, I found it overwhelming with non-essential detail. Mary's character was well developed, however, the author made her life seem incredibly boring which makes this a difficult and very slow read. Benjamin's character overwhelms the reader with his intense academic knowledge, which leaves the reader confused and unable to follow completely. With the novel being mostly about this chat room, there was a lack of developing of the settings in which the characters roamed. 

This wasn't just an extreme measure. It was idioti. It was insane. But Mary saw no alternative.


If you have a wide vocabulary and patience for a slower paced novel, then this book may be for you.

(Review Written by Sister Schwartz)

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