Sunday, April 12, 2015

Silent - Kris Radcliffe

This is an extremely fast paced, short read, keep you at the edge of your seat the entire time, tale of Gavin, and is rated at FIVE STARS by the Schwartz Reviews.

The weirdness of the man’s face had to be a trick of the light. No one’s eyes glinted red. And no one’s teeth gleamed. No one smelled like a chemical spill and still danced around like a king’s jester. No one real.

Schwartz Synopsis

This story takes you back to when Rysa is kidnapped, but this time, you are reading from Gavin’s point of view. Now you get to see just how Gavin meets Daisy, and the terror that they encounter together as Shifter’s demand answers from Daisy. Gavin, with Dimitri and Ivan’s help, runs in to try and give any support he can to the woman who he owes his life to. How will they survive their encounter with a very dangerous, semi-crazy, raging Shifter? This is the beginning of their story, and probably the most important piece of their puzzle. Do not miss this fantastic beginning filled with terror, questions, and answers.

A threatened life, he had. Hackers out for his blood? He had that, too. But why did they care about him?
Clarity, though, he did not have.
Maybe this Daisy knew. How hard could it be to find a flower?

Schwartz Thoughts

I found the read extremely interesting to be with Gavin while Rysa was being kidnapped. Watching him, hearing his thoughts, while his best friend was taken was an all-new experience for the reader. While this short read was jammed packed with action, there were moments that it had me giggling to myself (thankfully I read without an audience ;). It had me guessing at times as well, wondering what was going on??? It is no secret that I adore Kris Radcliffe’s writing, but I do honestly review her work unbiased. Her writing is well thought up, nothing is added in ‘willy-nilly spur of the moment because I need it’ because I am positive she has storylines prepared. You can feel the amount of work that has gone into these books. The characters are well developed and even though you spend time in each of their heads, they all sound different from one another. The scenes are described perfectly, not overly so but enough that the reader can get the idea of what is around them.
Another thing I enjoy about these novels is the amount of work behind these words. There are no errors, and the story is unique. I have read nothing prior to these works about the types of supernaturals within these pages. And even if they are in other books, hers are done so differently that they really are on a different level. Overall, great book and again, I look forward to reading anything by this author in the future. She is one to keep your eye on.

It all seemed… surreal. In his head, little voices argued: Go through the door. Don’t go through the door. A Fate chose you. A Fate’s using you. Be a man. Be a wuss. Maybe you’re enthralled.
Maybe you’re a normal guy in over your head.
Gavin groaned.
Another little voice piped up: Oh, yeah, motherfuckers? Challenge accepted.


I would recommend these books to anyone who loves fast-paced science fiction. I would recommend the series to anyone who enjoys sci-fi spiced with soft romance. But honestly, I would recommend these novels to anyone, anywhere. Honestly, happy reading!

(Review written by Kristine Schwartz)

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