Friday, May 1, 2015

Elementals - Anne Parks, Annie Welch, Lashell Collins, Dina Haynes

This paranormal romantic fantasy will take you on a FOUR STAR ride from start to finish.

“I will carry out my plan, Ambr, and you will assist me. I need my daughters—all four Elementals—here. Together. We both know the only way to destroy the earth is to eliminate each season.”

Schwartz Synopsis

Four sisters have the weight of the world on their shoulders as they run and hide from Mother Earth’s wrath. Their mother, Gaia, is unhappy with the state of the world. The humans, that is we, have destroyed her beautiful creation and she seeks her daughters out to bring them together and destroy them. If she succeeds, our earth, our home, will die with the Elementals.
However, each of the Elementals have a man at their side protecting them from harm and willing to lay down their lives for the safety of their Elemental, and therefore, the world. Will Gaia succeed in taking down her powerful daughters and their protectors? Or will the seasons prevail and earth continue its circle of life?

“Technically, the Fates chose you, and Luna whispered it to me, but yes, you are the chosen one.” I drag the last words out, giving them dramatic flare. “Fates, Luna, moon, stars—I don’t care. I just want you where I can see you.” He drops his head so our eyes meet.

Schwartz Thoughts

After reading the prologue, the book captured my attention right out of the gate. I found it interesting that the book began with the sisters splitting up and them fleeing for their safety. A side note, I absolutely loved their names.
This book is broken up into four parts. A part for each Elemental… and their manly man. Seeing that four different authors wrote it, I have assumed that each author wrote one part of the novel. Therefore, there were different writing styles for each part. I absolutely adored a few of the authors writing styles, and some left me wanting more. Some moments were extremely predictable, others shocked me. I found that the romantic elements were well written in most parts of the novel. The writing was very imaginative and held my attention throughout the book.
I did find it odd at parts how fast the romance in the book progressed. It felt as if on page one they were repelled by one another and by page three they were magnets falling for each other’s embrace. It moved quite fast. I guess when you find your soulmate you just know?
The description in the novel was well written. It was not overdone and it left just enough for the reader to imagine the world around them perfectly. I found that after reading the first two parts, however, that the story became overly predictable. The Elemental was going to fall for their protector, they would face off against Gaia, and the season would prevail. That being said, I absolutely loved how the authors tied it all together in the end. It was well written right up to the last word.
This story was unique; however, I did find some errors within the pages. Some wrong words written, some typos, and some formatting issues. Do not let that ruin your reading choice, though, this book is worth the read.

Send a good-looking one and suddenly your troll-in-waiting is a horny troll-on-the-loose.


I would recommend this read to any fantasy readers. Any fantasy readers who enjoy paranormal aspects mixed in with some steamy romance. This is such a great book that I am sure it will not disappoint.

The four daughters of Gaia, Mother of All. Mother Nature. God. She has many names. And we are her Elementals. The beings tasked with the changing of the seasons and the ruling of the earth’s elements—air, fire earth, water. We keep the earth moving forward as one season gives way to another.

(Review Written by Kristine Schwartz)

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