Monday, May 11, 2015

Favourite Book Genre & Ramblings

So when I am writing a new blog post it asks for my title before I have even typed a word... Well, I'm going to make like an author and title my work when it is finished! So there!

I have wanted to write this blog post for awhile. My favourite book genre. Yes, it will take an entire blog post to get my thoughts through. Because when a reader is asked what their favourite book genre is, it is never a simple answer. There is always a reason that needs to be heard, and almost always a but...

What is The Schwartz's Favourite Genre?

*rubs hands together*
I also really enjoy almost every other genre out there... Seriously... Like every genre...
Except maybe non-fiction. Or religious books. Or scientific stuff... I guess I am not fond of poetry either...
I do love, love, LOVE FANTASY! And romance, mystery, thriller, adventure, horror, sci-fi, chick lit, etc. If it is fictiony fiction...I like it!
My absolute favourite genre is Fantasy! Epic Fantasy is the best, but I will love pretty much anything fantasy. Paranormal. Supernatural. The sky is the limit fantasy! 

Why is that your favourite genre?

Why? WHY? WHY?
Because. I have already said it above! The sky is the limit! There are no rules. Except what the author dreams up. Literally anything can happen. And as a reader...that is just so exciting! Never knowing what the next page will hold will keep my interest thoroughly and keep me flipping those pages faster than light...
Plus, I grew up on the stuff. I mean, as a child I read a lot of 'little kid' books but when I actually started to get into reading, it was with fantasy novels. The Sword of Truth, The Legend of Drizzt, and the Wheel of Time just to name a few of my favourites. 

(By the way, spell check is driving me insane writing this post. I am Canadian! Yes we put 'U's' in our words! Get used to it EH)

Anything to add about the other genre's out there?

Ok, my next favourite genre...Horror! I don't know about you, but I love a good scare! You know those reads where you have to put your book in the freezer at night just so that it does not haunt you! Those are what I am talking about! If you can scare me to the point of not being able to read your novel during the are winning!

Romance. Because who doesn't love a good love story? Seriously? I mean, I'm old enough now to realize that love is not like that, but, I still enjoy reading fairy tale love stories. Or something close enough.

Mystery books are fun because they leave you guessing until the end about just who the heck did it! Of course, it has to be written well for that to happen. Nothing is worse than a completely predictable mystery novel. Ugh. But if I'm left guessing until the end...Awesomeness!

Fantasy! Have I raved enough about fantasy yet? (Oh, right, I did...)
Science Fiction. This one is a good genre, but it has standards. Not just anyone can write it. It has to be done well. In my opinion. I enjoy them, when written well, because it is the future! Or, well, it could be! How exciting is that? Reading an opinion on what the future holds, by anyone...wicked fun!

Adventures are always fun, as long as they are fast paced. I am one of those quick readers and if I have to put your book down from boredom... Well you are not winning. But a fast paced adventure lets me feel as though I am adventuring. And who doesn't love that?

Where does that leave us?

Basically, I love books. I love them in all shapes and sizes and pretty much any genre...Except, of course, fantasy will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Why don't you leave me a comment telling me what your favourite genre is...and WHY! I would love to see your opinions!

Until next time,

Kristine Schwartz

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