Sunday, May 17, 2015

Minutes Before Sunset - Shannon A. Thompson

A tale of good against evil, love, and prophecies told in a young adult paranormal romance. This captivating story is a FIVE STAR read!

The Dark was a secret for a reason. We protected the humans from evil, because they weren’t capable of determining evil for themselves.

Schwartz Synopsis

A fascinating tale of the Dark rising up to defeat the Light. Where a prophecy foretells of a battle between Shoman, the first Descendent, and Darthon, the second Descendent. Everything is set in place, even the time of the battle. But can love break the prophecy? Or will it make it stronger? When Shoman meets an unknown shade, he has to know her. But will she help him or destroy him?

She gaped at our touch but didn’t move away. “I don’t know how I can learn without meeting others.”
“Because you don’t need them,” I said, my heart pounding against my ribs. “You have me. I’ll be your mentor.”

Schwartz Thoughts

With a confusing start, this book was still able to capture my attention by going against the grain. That shocked me enough to keep my interest. Also, it really did not take long for the book to capture my whole interest shortly in. With a unique story, characters to fall in love with, and a battle on the horizon, who wouldn’t be interested?

Characters. This novel is told in two character perspectives. Which normally I am not a fan of, but this was definitely necessary with this story. The two point of views makes for a wider reach in the story. The author was able to tell a greater story with the two mindsets.
The rules of the story were very interesting to learn about as a reader. Every book is different, right? Well this story had a lot of new rules that it plays by. Learning the world, the paranormal world, it was so much fun!

Another thing that I should mention is the fact that this book played huge on my emotions. Led me through several actually. I was happy when Eric/Shoman was happy, yet he also made me worry. By the end of the novel, there were quite a few “OH MY GOD!” moments and even a few teary eyed moments as well.

All in all, I loved this story. I am seriously looking forward to the second book in this trilogy.

Her kiss could kill us, and my consent signed our death certificates, selfishly and without control.


This book is highly recommended by the Schwartz Reviews. Do you love paranormal stories? Young adult? Edge of your seat tales? Read this book! Plus, it’s a trilogy and who doesn’t love those?

I’d found something to live for, and I wasn’t going to die, even if I didn’t know the entire truth before I made the promise.

(Review Written by Kristine Schwartz)

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