Monday, June 30, 2014

Mirror X

This new future aged dystopian novel is a shocking and fantastic FOUR STAR read! It is a fast paced novel, that I managed to read within two days simply because I found it so difficult to put down. I devoured it chapter by chapter and I am positive you will do the same.

"All I wanted was to knock Dr. Love away, jump from the bed ninja-like, burst out the door, and run away-to escape this foreign world and Dr. Bennett's jarring words."

This book follows Cassie, a girl that was born more than a thousand years before the time period in the novel. Left in stasis and discovered in a time of need from the future citizens perspective. But Cassie does not like their plans, she wants out, only in the advanced futuristic world that becomes nearly impossible. I fell for Cassie right from the beginning. She is an amazing character.

This book was sprinkled with romance throughout the chapters. Cassie falls for the first person she sees, Dr. Bennett. The only thing that I found odd was that Dr. Bennett seemed to have fallen for Cassie a bit too soon for my liking. The novel holds many "OH MY GOD" moments, plenty of "I didn't see that coming" moments, and it was quite shocking at times.

I did find a few errors within the pages, but I was able to overlook them and I truly did fall in love with this story. It ends perfectly and even though the story does end, it leaves the reader imagining more. I would recommend this book to dystopian readers, futuristic readers, and supernatural readers. Enjoy, I know I did.

Going Down in Flames

Going Down In Flames is a FOUR STAR read. I was overwhelmed with the rules of becoming a dragon, however, I completely understand the need to know it. Love the main character Bryn McKenna, an out spoken, naive sixteen year old new dragon.

It takes a few chapters to learn about Bryn and her new Dragon life. It takes a few more chapters to learn about becoming a dragon and the rules that apply to life as a Dragon. Bryn stumbles through first finding out she and her parents are dragons, and that she is being shipped off to a new private, secluded school. With her parents being out cast, and the facts that they are left out, Bryn feels out of the loop left right and center.

Bryn has a red hot temper like her dad and fast, cool instincts like her mom, which helps and hurts her when making new friends. Oh and I can't leave out the Hot Knight and a particular black dragon whom are interested in Bryn's naive charm! Really this was a great story and an even better lead into a possible series.

Chris Cannon writes an awesome story and I absolutely loved this movie reference:
"Good. Because it was shiny and pretty and sparkly and good God, she needed to get this under control before she started muttering, My precioussssss."

Chris Cannon caught my attention and had me laughing and learning right along with Bryn. I recommend this book to young adult and supernatural readers.
Friday, June 27, 2014

The Body on the T

This THREE STAR mystery read begins right away with an unknown body discovered in the water. It ends up being a special case that ties this book to the first book within this series. It is a good quick mystery read.

"'You are correct as usual, Sergeant, I think you patient is dead,' said the doctor."
I found that the recap of the first book was short and right to the point. I find lengthy recaps annoying and this one recapped perfectly. The novel begins quick, however, it does seem to lull at some points and then once again, picks up speed and momentum as it goes.

I found that the romance within these pages was much better than the first book. However, it still seems a little too perfect and a little too written at times.

"The other thing his grandfather had told him was to enjoy the moment, because that was all we had. The past was just memories and the future was not here yet. Enjoy the moment and leave the worrying to other people."
-I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote as it is a quote
 that has helped me through my rough times and it
was interesting seeing it within these pages.
Wonderful words of wisdom. 

The book was sometimes predictable, however, there were several 'I didn't see that coming' moments as well. I found that the mystery part of this book was extremely slow to develop. Also, I think the author may have a food fetish as food is mentioned WAY to often.

I found some errors within the pages, however, if you can look past those, I would recommend this novel to any readers looking for a short mystery read.
Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lost in Starlight

Well, Lost in Starlight was a FIVE STAR read! Sherry Soule, did an excellent job at catching my attention right from the get-go.

I found this novel to be very well written, and there was just enough detail to give you a clear picture of what was going on but not so much it that it overwhelm's you. There was an excellent mix of mystery and romance. Sloane Masterson is a great main character and very intriguing. Sloane captivated me with her purple hair,crazy wardrobe and qerky horror flicks columns. 

"Why whenever the victim is trapped or tied to a chair and the killer is about to torture them, the character always says the same dumb thing?
Like: 'Please. You don't have to do this.' I'm pretty sure that the killer knows he doesn't have to do this-he just wants to.

As a journalist she finds herself stalking Hayden Lancaster, a smoking hot classmate, for her new story. Just like most reporters though, she winds up with more questions then answers at first. It takes a few chapters for Sloane to put together the mystery of Hayden Lancaster, a hybrid alien. Who doesn't like smoking hot alien hybrids right?! 

Now Sloane is worried about the creepy government agents,and the repercussions of learning Hayden's secret. Oh and don't forget his snobby extraterrestrial friends. As if that's not enough, Hayden has an ex-girlfriend who is not pleased with his choices. Sloane now has to decide if a relationship with Hayden is worth the risk.  

If you like YA novels or paranormal novels then this is a must read! I can't wait for the next one to come out.
Saturday, June 21, 2014


Blackout, a dystopian novel of romance. It is a quick read that I have rated at THREE STARS. Once I began reading, it was clear that this was going to be a good book. One that I would devour within a day or two. And devour it I did.

You read through the novel as Phoenix, a DZ from Dark DC. He goes on to explain the world around him, and just how it came to be that way. Phoenix seems to have only one purpose in the Dark Zone, Star, his Starlight. Their romance is already in place when you begin the story. They already only have eyes for each other. But throughout the pages, somehow (and I know how because I have read the novel) they end up being torn apart, and made to play a different game. A game invented by the Easies. 

I found that the novel was well written. It is a present tense first person narrative. Normally, most books are past tense so I found this novel refreshing. I found that the main character was really well written. However, there were some inconsistencies throughout the pages.

I loved the story, so why have I rated it as a three star read? Because I found that it was too close to The Hunger Games for my liking. Yes, the book differs in many ways, but the similarities are there. However, that being said, I still want to get my hands on the second book in this series because I can already tell that it WILL differ from The Hunger Games. 

I would recommend this novel to the YA readers out there, the dystopia readers out there, and of course, the romance readers.


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Friday, June 20, 2014

Nogo Gogo

I didn't quite understand the title of this novel until I began reading. Then I realized, quite to my dismay, that the lettuce makes you gogo, and the Nogo, well it makes you Nogo. I would rate this bizarre novel at TWO STARS

This book is about a new medicinal product that blocks you up. Which becomes a necessary medicine when they realize that Double Organic is selling vegetables that are causing the population diarrhea. Of course the owners of Nogo want to use Double Organic for their own devices.

"The three of them had, in fact, bought some of the same ecstasy at the club, which had been cut with a laxative, which had not only sent them running to the ladies' room at the same time, but had also instigated the initial conversation about Nogo."

This book would be a great addition to your bathroom reading collection. Or if you don't mind potty humour, then give it a whirl. For me personally, it just was not my cup of tea.

There were several errors within the pages. It was, however, a unique story, one that I never thought I'd ever read. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys potty humour, doesn't have a light stomach and can handle topics that are better left untouched.
Saturday, June 14, 2014

Guest Post


Today author, Sherry Soule has some exciting news to share with us! She will be publishing a brand new Upper YA / Sci-Fi romance series: the “Starlight Saga” with scorching-hot character chemistry, exciting suspense, and epic romance on June 26, 2014.
To help promote this interstellar love story, “LOST IN STARLIGHT,” Sherry is doing this guest post to share the news with fellow booklovers.

VOLUME ONE: Starlight Saga
High school reporter Sloane Masterson knows she has one helluva story when she witnesses hottie Hayden Lancaster bending forks with his mind.
Like any good journalist, Sloane sets out to uncover the truth, even if it includes a little stalking. When the superhuman feats start to pile up and the undeniable heat rises between them, Hayden has no choice but to reveal his secret: he’s an alien hybrid.
They’re as different as night and day—she’s a curvy, purple-haired, horror junkie and he’s a smoking hot, antisocial, brainiac—yet the intense fascination between them refuses to go away. Even at Hayden’s insistence that dating each other is “off limits” and crazy dangerous, their fiery attraction threatens to go supernova.
Now Sloane’s dealing with creepy government agents, über snobby extraterrestrials, and a psycho alien ex-girlfriend out for revenge. After a crash course on the rules of interstellar dating, Sloane must decide if their star-crossed romance is worth risking her own life....
Enjoy this sneak peek!
I don’t usually stalk boys, but if I hadn’t been spying on Hayden Lancaster, I never would’ve seen the mind-blowing fork-bending incident.
I scoot back the creaky plastic chair and rest my chin on my fist. Lunch hour is the best time to study my classmates undetected. Especially the tall, hot, and broody ones.
Not that I’m a bad person. Honest. I’ve never narked on anyone. I don’t kick puppies. And I normally don’t play at undercover agent. Well...until today.
“Are you scoping out a new story?” My best friend, Viola Saks, shifts in her seat, her nose stuck in the latest Jack Kilborn novel. Viola prefers her book boyfriends over real guys, and I gotta admit, she has a point. Fictional hotties are way more exciting than the real thing.
“Yup. But right now, I’m only observing,” I say. “People watching.”
Tiny white lie. I’m secretly kicking off: “Operation Lancaster.”
Haven High’s cafeteria is the perfect spot to catch up on gossip, observe clique wars, and witness any mean girl activity. This is where I discover the most newsworthy stories.
As two girls pass our table, one of them bumps my chair without apologizing. To me, the lunchroom is more than just a place to chow down on industrial-grade food. It reminds me of a prison scene, with its hostile mingling and violent chaos, like inmates at mealtime. Saying the cafeteria is only for eating is like saying an underground lair is only for plotting world domination. If you can survive a high school lunchroom, then you can survive anything. Well, with the exception of a zombie apocalypse.
The double-doors swing open and in walks Hayden Lancaster, chin held high. Next to him is his younger brother, Zach, bouncing a basketball with one hand and drinking a soda with the other. Hayden’s eyes are trained directly ahead as they stride across the crowded room.
About time. The focus of my newest article has finally arrived. Opening my purse, I get out my Hello Kitty spiral-bound notebook and pen. Now I’m ready.
The Lancaster brothers are both gorgeous in a way that should be totally illegal, but look nothing alike. Zach is a cocky, dark-haired, all-round jock, and Hayden is the quiet, rockstar-sexy, drummer-type. He’s one of those guys who prefers to function in his own little world. And I’ll admit that I sure wouldn’t mind a starring role on his planet.
But I’m not sure which social group they fit into...the misunderstood-brooding-hot-guys duo?
I covertly look over at Hayden sitting three tables away from mine. He’s six feet tall, and lean, yet muscular. The times we’ve passed each other in the halls, his eyes are usually twinkling as if he knows an intriguing secret. Today, Hayden’s wearing a dark blue short-sleeved, button-up shirt with faded skinny jeans, a studded belt, and scuffed Etnies. On one arm, he has several black rubber bracelets. Nothing too unusual about him.
Except for one very odd feature.
Hayden has two different colored eyes. He turns his head and his light brown fauxhawk falls over his forehead in a messy yet somehow deliberate way, landing over his one strikingly blue eye. The other one is green. Besides the rare heterochromia iridis, he seems to be just another smokin’ hot brainiac.
Flipping open my notebook, I write: Startling eye color and member of the Amazing Hair Club. Check.
Wait. Why am I thinking about how über hot he is? Seriously not important.
Viola lowers her book a fraction. “You’re totally staring at the Lancasters.”
“I’m not staring.”
“Oh, right, you’re observing.” She tilts her head. “Most girls can’t resist guys like them. They have that...”
Incredibly sexy quality?
“Dangerous vibe going,” Viola finishes.
I pull out a bag of celery from my lunchbox. “Yeah, I guess.”
Maybe I should write that down. Sexy bad-boys. Check.
Viola points at my lunch. “Your mom on that health food kick again?”
She reaches out a slender arm to nab a French fry.
 “Seriously? How are you supermodel thin when you eat stuff like that?” I groan and glance at her slim figure clad in a skintight black dress with thigh-high boots. A silver eyebrow ring glints in the dull light. “I could eat only yogurt for the rest of my life and I’d still be your chubby sidekick.”
She scoffs. “You’re not chubby, Sloane. You’re extra curvy.”
Whatevs. Guess that’s just what people say when you’re a foodie like me.
Viola’s flicks a page of her book. “So what’s this article on?”
I clear my throat. “Actually, I’m investigating Hayden Lancaster.”
“Should be interesting.” One brown eye peeks over the edge of the paperback. “Any particular reason?”
“Because of this hacker rumor going around. The gossip this morning was off the hook. Supposedly, Hayden hacked into the school’s computer system over the weekend to change some grades. School administrators are saying that they’ll probably need a day just to block any security breaches.”
She straightens, lowering her book. “That’s odd. Isn’t he on the honor roll? Why would he need to alter his grades?”
I shrug. “Beats me. Maybe he was doing it for someone else.”
As a reporter for our online newspaper the Haven Gazette, a hacker scandal is way huge. And since my college resume is in dire need of some padding, this assignment was just too juicy to pass up. Plus, a front-page byline will look much more impressive in a hardcore journalism-type of way than my own wicked cool column—Fright Night Babble—where I mainly review and chat about horror films.
My gaze strays back to the brothers. I can tell by Hayden’s jerky head movements that the brothers are engrossed in a heated discussion. Somebody’s not a happy camper. His angular features and flawless skin reddens, and Zach’s square jaw clenches.
Dang it. I’m too far away to read their lips.
Mid-rant, Hayden scoots his chair back, the metal legs squeaking on the linoleum floor. He slides his cell phone out of his pocket and reads the screen, then scratches the stubble on his cheek with a frown. Zach tries to grab the phone, but Hayden shoves it back into his pocket.
“You dumped her, bro?” Zach practically shouts.
Hayden’s hands curl into fists. “Will you stop making a big thing out of it!”
Viola and I exchange a look. For a minute, the entire cafeteria falls silent.
“Whoa.” She points a fry at the brothers. “I wonder what Hayden and Zach are fighting about. And who got dumped?”
“Sounds like it’s over some girl. I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend.”
But it would seem that he’s a free man now. Interesting…
“Neither did I. As far as I know, Zach and Hayden have never even dated any of the girls at this school.” Viola sighs. “Like they think they’re too good for us or something.”
I slam my juice box on the table, purple liquid shooting out of the straw. “Maybe that’s because everyone’s so damn cliquey at this school. It’s just wrong, the way the other kids treat them,” I say. “Did you hear? Someone jacked up Hayden’s locker again with spray paint.” I’m beyond disgusted by some of my classmates’ Neanderthal moves.
“Then maybe you should investigate who keeps screwing with the Lancasters, instead. Hayden and Zach can’t help being sexy and brilliant.” Viola is an advocate for social justice in high school, and totally reading my mind. “Besides, if Hayden got away with the hacking incident, there’s no real story, and you probably won’t find any credible sources to verify the allegation.”
I bite off the end of a celery stalk. “Are you kidding me? There’s a story here—I can feel it.”
Please mark your calendars to buy your copy of LOST IN STARLIGHT on June 26th 2014!
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Guest Post

Could author be the next Stephen King?

 Port St. Lucie writer Keith Rommel’s horror novel is being made into a motion picture! 
Special to Florida Weekly

The next Stephen King could surface in sunny South Florida.

With troubling titles such as “The Lurking Man,” “The Sinful Man” and “The Cursed Man” now in production as a motion-picture thriller author Keith Rommel has taken on the tendencies of horror’s highness.

Wrote a reviewer
at United Kingdom based BookLore
of “The Cursed
 Man”: “This is a very well-written book, with a little bit of Stephen Kinglike horror.
It will keep the reader interested, and it is a gem of a story.”

“I’m a fan of Stephen King, and to even be compared to somebody like that is very humbling,” Mr. Rommel said. “You’re
your own worst critic, so I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I’ll take the compliment.”

While the 43-year-old Port St. Lucie resident has read a lot of King’s bestsellers, other authors have influenced the writing
style of the hobbyist-turned hopeful.

ROMMEL “Iris Johansen, she’s a good writer,” Mr. Rommel said. “I really liked ‘The Search.’”

He also admits the “Left Behind” apocalyptic-fiction series has made as much of an impression on him as his collection of comic books.
“I am a comic book nerd nerd, nerd, nerd, through and through,”
Mr. Rommel said.

He started buying comic books in elementary school after a teacher told him he had a reading-comprehension problem
and prescribed “pictures
with words.”

“I couldn’t put the pieces together when you asked me what happened in the story, and my teacher said to start reading books that had pictures in them,” Mr. Rommel said. “And here I am at the age of 43, and I still buy comic books, much to my wife’s dismay.”

By day, the father of two works at Rocky’s Ace Hardware in Tequesta.
By night, he pens passages
filled with crime, suspense and psychological fiction.

“I grew up working in retail and started to write as a hobby,” Mr. Rommel said. “It has been a fine balance being able to maintain
the demands of running a store, raising a family and writing. The majority of my writing is done at night when the house goes quiet.

Q: Can you describe “The Cursed Man”?

A: “The Cursed Man” is based off of a family friend’s
young-adult life. His mother is living inside his head, and he’s just trying to escape her. The whole book, you’re trying to figure out whether this guy is nuts or not. It’s about abuse.

Maritza Brikisak plays Death in “The Cursed Man.” COURTESY PHOTOS

Q: How did you land a motion-picture deal?

A: I realized
I had no PR, so I looked for reviewers
to review the book. I mailed out 15 books and got nine reviews one who compared
my writing to Stephen King. Who knew when I licked that stamp and put it on the envelope
and sent it to the United Kingdom that this would ever get the attention
of a producer?

Q: When is the movie coming out?

A: Production started in February, and it’s supposed
to wrap at the end of September. Intergalaxy Entertainment and James Perry are producing
the movie in Pasadena, Calif.
 Q: You say your movie has something in common with Star Wars. What is it? Jim Tavaré as Terry in
“The Cursed Man.”

A: The moco [motion-control] crane that was used to film the Death Star!
Q: How did your father serve as an inspiration for your work?

A: My father was a big advocate
of my writing and often encouraged me to try and get published.
When he passed away from cancer, I was compelled to pursue publication and found a home for “The Cursed Man” at Sunbury
Press. The first thing you see slapped in your face is my dedication to my father.

Q: Where can readers buy your novels?

A: They can be purchased
through any major bookseller, including
Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Q: What is your goal as a writer?

A: My ultimate goal is to share my work with people in hopes of removing them out of their everyday stress and immerse them into a world of intrigue. If I was able to do my hobby as a living,
I would love to be able to write books full-time.

Q: Are you going to be rich and famous someday?

A: I can tell you right now if “The Cursed Man” is successful, “The Lurking Man” is going to be a movie. They have the book already. 
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