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I was recently approached by an author who was shocked with my review. Not the entire review, just one line within the review that can generally be found in a vast majority of my reviews.
"There were some spelling errors, typos, and grammatical errors within the novel."
I explained that I had highlighted a few of them on my kindle to remind me of the errors for my review. I pointed out where these mistakes could be found. I was told that the novel had been edited several times and that the author was surprised that anything was missed for me to find. Then, I was offered a job.

I am now offering these same services to you. Do you have a new book coming out that you want to be sure holds no mistakes? Do you need an extra pair of eyes to go over your book with a fine tooth comb? Look no more, I will help discover any typos, missed words, extra words, grammatical errors, etc.

Send an email request with the subject as "Edit Request" and give me general information about your novel, the synopsis, word count, date of release, cover image, review date wanted, etc. I will get back to you with whether or not I can accept, make your deadline, etc. If I accept, you will be required to send your novel in a word document to me, I will edit it using track changes and send it back.

I will content edit using comment bubbles. I'll make note of consistency issues, conversation styles, character development, reader flow, etc. I will copy edit using Microsoft Track Changes ON, changing errors, grammar, punctuation, wrong word use, spelling, etc. (Using MS Track Changes means you have the final say in all edits).

There are several amazing editors out there that are offering these same services, but here's the difference. I will do it in half the time. My turnaround on projects is quick. I fully edit your novel AND write a review, all in under 30 days of beginning your script. (Sometimes, I'll finish in a week).

I accept projects of all sizes, in any fiction genre. And my rate is low. Plus, I'll throw in an error-free guarantee. If I edited your novel, and an error is found in my work, I will take it back and go over your manuscript again-free. What will all of this cost you? Simply 2.00 per 1,000 words. And that's not all! I'll do Chapter One FREE, as a sample of my work.

Still not satisfied? Let my testimonials speak for themselves.

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  1. I just wanted to drop a line to say I had Kristine proofread my novel FATAL DESTINY and despite being previously, professionally, edited she found an additional 130 errors in the novel length manuscript that had been missed and/or put in during galley review or formatting process.

    Thank you for your help Kristine, the book is better because of your efforts.

  2. Kristine proofread my novel BLACKOUT in just a couple of days. Like David, my story was also edited professionally, and Kristine still caught errors that the professionals did not!

    I would definitely recommend this service. Thank you, Kristine!

  3. Kristine proofread "The Orb of Chaos" for me and I am thoroughly impressed with her attention to detail. Before I submitted it to her, it had been reviewed by a professional editor that I hired who had over 20 years in the business, several close friends of mine (who do a lot of editing for their jobs), as well as three or four times by myself and she still found quite a few things that we had all missed entirely. I couldn't be more pleased with her work.

    Not only did she find find a whole host of previously undetected errors, but she did it in record time. She was able to proof the entire 150k word novel in three days! It took me and my other friends several weeks to go over it each time.

    I'd recommend Kristine to anyone who needs someone to really find those hard to spot typo's and errors in their manuscripts!

  4. Thanks to Kristine (and some further proof reading) I now have the confidence to release my book 'Forgotten Things' without the need for a publisher - We CAN do it ourselves ! And Kristine is there beside us- supporting and helping us indie authors to release quality products. Self publishing still has a stigma - but with this sort of backing that can be changed ! Thanks Kristine... times are a changing !
    Stephen Mullaney-Westwood

  5. I am so happy Kristine proofread my book BOOST! What a wonderful service! She was so fast and spotted all the mistakes that were missed with a previous edit! I recommend Kristine to anyone!


  6. Kristine recently edited a book that I knew had tons of errors. Thankfully she found them all. She was friendly and professional, and extremely timely. Thanks Kristine! I will be promoting you as often as I can.

  7. I want to thank Kristine for editing my novel THE HOUSE ON 211. She did an amazing job.

  8. Kristine did an amazing job on my contemporary romance novel, Wild World 1: Rise of the Billionaire (20k words). I needed it edited quickly because it was going to be featured in a multi-author box set. It was a rush hour, but she surpassed all expectations and sent it back to me in 24 hours!! I will definitely use Kristine again in the future and recommend her to EVERYONE.

    Kristine's prices are very reasonable and her work is exemplary. Top-notch! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


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