Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bonds - Kris Radcliffe

A fast paced FIVE STAR read that will keep you turning the pages rapidly to find out what happens next!

The Schwartz Synopsis:

This short read introduces us to Daisy, a young shifter. The book starts off with her talking to Rysa’s best friend, Gavin. Their chat quickly turns into a story of Daisy’s past connections to the Doctor, who just so happens to be Rysa’s runaway father. The Doctor and Daisy have a run in with some burners, fates, and fight their way to safety, all at the instruction of a different fate. But fates can’t be trusted, can they?

“Daisy couldn’t name the man’s stench. Couldn’t say, “Oh, yeah, that’s burning rotten eggs,” or “A firecracker dipped in gasoline,” because she didn’t know for sure what those smells were. Her imagination said Oh, you know and It doesn’t matter. It gets the point across. But she was seventeen and she’d never actually smelled a gas-dipped firecracker. She did, though, smell this man. And she smelled danger.”

The Schwartz Thoughts:

As always, Kris Radcliffe is so very talented with her pen (or more likely, her keyboard). From the moment that I picked this novel up to read I was unable to put it back down again until it was finished and I finally knew how it all ended, or rather, began. I absolutely loved how well developed Daisy’s character was, she was the perfect teenager all full of know-it-all and defiance. Which happened to serve her well in this adventure or run-for-your-life situation that was so beautifully written. The story takes place before Rysa’s story. You know, about the time that her father disappeared. This book is part of the why, not the whole why, oh no no no. Just a part of the why. There is enough of a cliff hanger to keep you reading through this mini-series. And believe me, I will be reading on.

“Now Daisy threw him a disarming smile. “I told you, Fates know everything…”

I would recommend this short read to anyone who enjoys paranormal, action packed, edge of your seat reading. It won’t take long to read, because the book will be glued to your hands until you flip that last page. Read on!

(Review Written by Kristine Schwartz)

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Monday, March 30, 2015

The 11th Demon - Bruce Hennigan

This extremely fast paced thrilling supernatural novel is rated at FOUR STARS by the Schwartz Reviews!

The Schwartz Synopsis:

This is the third book in the Chronicles of Jonathan Steel series, however it can be read alone (I should know, I read this without reading the last two…My only problem now is that I desperately want to go back to read the last two because this one was fantabulous!) Jonathan Steel is a demon hunter, though not by choice. He has a past, that he can’t seem to remember and every time he discovers a piece he is wracked with sickness and forced to leave it behind. After dealing with two demons, from the two previous novels, another nightmarish demon rises up and challenges their hunt for answers. Old foes become allies, sort of, and this band of friends rise up to conquer the 11th demon.

“My name is Jonathan Steel. I have no memory of my past. I am a killer by trade. I don’t kill humans—I kill demons.”

Schwartz Thoughts:

I absolutely loved this story. I so wanted to rate it at five stars, I would have if it weren’t for the few mistakes that I found (trust me though, this is a book to read, errors or no errors). I found that at times it could feel a little repetitive but the writing was really well done. The story is told from different character perspectives throughout the book and each character was developed so well and sounded and thought different than each other. It is so awe-inspiring when an author can pull that off. I was able to read this novel in just over a day, Hennigan captured my interest right from the beginning and held it until the very end. This is one of those ‘can’t put the book down’ books. I enjoyed how the novel gave small reminders of what happened in the previous books (though not enough that if you had read the previous novels you would be annoyed at rereading parts). Like I said, really well written (OK now I’m starting to sound repetitive). This book had me laughing but most of the time I was at the edge of my seat waiting for the next twist, there are several.

“And yet, something uneasy crawled across my mind. I was halfway up the stairs when the sound came. I felt rather than heard a faint pop behind me.”

I would recommend this novel to readers who enjoy suspense, thrillers, paranormal, and action packed novels. Read it! I dare you! You’re bound to lose a day or two ;)

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dead Secret - Richard Milton

A fascinating tale full of mystery, suspense, and romance. Rated at FOUR STARS by the Schwartz Reviews.

Psychics aren’t real, are they? They are just scam artists taking advantage of broken hearted mourners. That’s what Tony sets out to prove for his next article for Insight. As a writer, it is his job to inform the people of the truth, and there is just no reason for psychics to earn money by scamming grieving people! Is this story worth it though? Tony begins learning things that seem impossible, and when the article he intends to write starts to have something to do with him personally he gets caught up in a mystery that he needs to solve. Can Tony write this article, or will he find himself immersed in a world he never knew existed?

“Once again he found himself at a complete loss for words. ‘How do I know you’re not just making all this up as you go along?’

I found this novel extremely interesting. I generally do not read many mysteries (my fave genre is YA and paranormal) but from time to time I like to branch out and read something different. Different is exactly what I got. The novel was well written and I found Tony to be a likeable character, his thought process was somewhat comical at times. Throughout the novel there were several (OK a TON) of names thrown at you, but many of them didn’t need to be remembered, or if they did, they appeared enough throughout the book that you began to know them as well.
One thing I found questionable was that Tony was able to turn on the charm to get information that was restricted. However, as the reader, the charm or chemistry was just not there. I found this to be true with the main romantic relationship as well. The love between Tony and his love interest developed rapidly, while the reader is expected to follow it but the novel lacks chemistry.
This novel was a well written and interesting read but one that was somewhat slower paced. It keeps the reader hooked from the beginning and the ending was unpredictable. It was a unique story and I had a difficult time putting the novel down. I will definitely be keeping an eye on any further novels from Milton.

I recommend this novel to any readers who enjoy mystery or suspenseful novels. 

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dragon Choir

The first novel in a new epic fantasy series that captures the reader whole heartedly from beginning to end is rated at an amazing FIVE STARS from the Schwartz Reviews.

My first thoughts were: So far, a few pages in and you’ve got me. I’m totally all in with the need to know what happens next! This book has unique names, constant changing settings, and builds the readers’ questions from the get go.

This story has a good build up to an even better ending. Descovich does an amazing job with this fast paced action packed novel. Elrin, an adolescent boy, develops nicely throughout this story into a brave young man. A character that is developed so well that the reader is in his corner rooting him along on his journey. Unfortunately, Elrin is a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time which sends him on his journey for answers. As inquisitive as Elrin is, he soon finds himself trying to discover the secret of the Dragons Choir in order to save his father and end the stranglehold of an unforgiving nation. Minni whom is fearless, smart, and cunning decides to help Elrin. Elrin begins to ask questions, realizing that there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye.

I found that this novel was extremely well written. The descriptions were not overdone, therefore, the book better holds the readers’ attention. It was a unique story, and was edited thoroughly and I found no errors amongst the pages. All in all, I am unable to come up with anything negative to note about this book. Great captivating story.
If you like pirates and dragons then this book is one to add to your reading list.

(Review done by Sister Schwartz)

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Sunday, March 22, 2015


This is a dark new adult novel with paranormal elements tied inside that will keep you flipping through the pages trying to guess what will happen next but never really being able to predict just how this story will end. It is a book unlike any that I have read in the past and I have rated this remarkable novel at THREE STARS.

This novel follows Ava, a young woman with a panic disorder who is quite obviously afraid of what lurks in the night. It begins by showing us her love of animals, where the title plays a role, however, the title comes to mean so much more as you read more and more of this novel. All Ava wants is to live a normal life, conquer the fear and live a safe life. Can she overcome her fears when her worst nightmares become her reality?

“That night, I didn’t wait until morning to investigate. If I had, my life would have turned out a lot differently.”

I found that the story was very interesting, so much so that I found it very difficult to put down at times. The characters were well developed and I was able to relate to a few of them quite a few times throughout my read. There were however quite a few typos. Also at some points throughout the novel there were inconsistencies. Parts where some elements were to frequent amongst the characters and others that didn’t fit the character. Another issue, or not issue really, was that the synopsis did not fit the story I read enough. It left things unsaid that should have been mentioned.

That all being said, I really did enjoy this novel. I found that the ending was dark but somehow perfect for the novel. It took me no time at all to finish because it held my interest the entire time. All in all, a great read that I would recommend to readers who enjoy paranormal and dark stories. Nikki Rae is definitely an author I will be reading again in the future.

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