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The Orb of Chaos - Ray Allen

A high fantasy novel that centers around several extremely interesting and unique characters on their quest to defeat an evil king and return to their homeland rated at FIVE STARS by the Schwartz Reviews.

Schwartz Synopsis

Sol loves ‘get rich quick’ schemes and drags his close friend Oather along on many of his dirty plans. His newest idea, to adventure into the ruins under Tyric that are abundant in riches, begins off according to plan. Until an old friend of Sol’s is determined to join their adventure. The selfish Sol reluctantly agrees and the three begin their journey. Though nothing is as it seems, and they are eventually met with an abundance of unique characters, who are all trapped in an unknown enchanted land. The evil king is their greatest threat and they must all work together if they are to see their homes again. Who will survive this battle for good against evil?

“Seriously, think about it,” Sol said again. He turned and grabbed Oather by the shoulders and looked him in his eyes. “If we did help these fools get back into the castle, they could attempt to stop the king, and that would at least create enough of a diversion to grab another chest or two of gold and head out.”

Schwartz Thoughts

Fantasy is one of my favourite genres. It is also one of the most difficult genres to write well. This was such a well-done book and when I learned of more books within this series, I was excited to grab them as well. The author did an amazing job writing this novel, the descriptions were well done, and the characters were very well developed.
One of the first character’s you meet within the pages is Sol. A young man, who is extremely selfish, but who is also hilarious. He had me laughing throughout the entire read with his selfish and devious plots. He was not the only character to play a role in this story, there were actually several others. As a reader, it felt somewhat overwhelming at first to have to learn of all these characters, but it was, eventually, very much worth the effort as they all play such important roles to the main storyline.
I am one of those readers who enjoy envisioning the story my own way. Which worked well with this novel as the author described the scenes perfectly, leaving just enough out that the reader can decide how to picture it. I also enjoyed that the pages were filled, that there did not appear to be any gaps in the storyline. Everything that was written played an integral part in the major conflict that was developed. Another great part was that no character went unused. Every character, even if they were mentioned only slightly, came back to play a larger role. It makes the reader feel as though the author planned the entire story thoroughly.
This novel played on several of my emotions. Obviously, as mentioned earlier, Sol had me laughing throughout the whole book. I have to admit that he was my favourite character. That being said, I fell for all of the main characters, they each were unique and brought something to the table and they were entertaining to read. When things went south, as they often did, the book had me worried for my beloved characters. When things went well, I was happily reading faster, enjoying each scene.
The novel starts at a steady pace, but it does pick up halfway through the read. In fact, it picks up so much that it becomes one of those ‘can’t put the book down’ books. I raced through the back half eager to find out what would happen next. The chapters were a little shorter than I would have liked but other than that, I found it to be an outstanding read with a very satisfying ending with great closure.
Halistan couldn’t help but wonder what Zaroth meant by that.
“The few unlucky individuals I’ve ever seen burned with hellfire died instantly. You’re very fortunate.”“I don’t know if I’d see it that way,” Halistan replied.
“Well, if it makes you feel any better, eventually it will consume you and you’ll die.”That definitely didn’t make Halistan feel any better.


Who wouldn’t I recommend this book to? It was such a great read! I would say that if you are looking for a high fantasy read, action packed, and steady-fast paced adventure… Then this is definitely a book for you. Check it out, I am sure it will not disappoint. 

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